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Current Projects

DAU Logo

 DAU: SBI provides e-Learning courseware to the Defense Acquisition University.

U.S. Intelligence Community Logo

 Intelligence Community: SBI provides analysis instruction, curriculum maintenance, Information Technology solutions, and Security Services to our Intelligence Community clients.

Department of State Logo

 Dept. of State: FSI (Foreign Service Institute): SBI provides the FSI School of Applied Information Technology with instruction in telephone systems training embassy employees how to maintain their communications systems.

Innovative Highlights



When every minute counts, SBI’s 3D Tactical Software and UAV is a one of a kind solution for on-the-ground tactical operations, investigative solutions or quick and dirty 3D rendering of an accident scene. In 30 minutes or less, SBI will deliver the 3D solutions you require. Providing solutions is our job. Innovation is our passion. This software combines never before seen innovation that will change how and when we operate in our fast paced world. Think solutions. Think Innovation. Think SBI.

SBI News