ReAD Responsive e-Learning Across all Devices

The Challenge:

We live in world that is focused on consuming information using a variety of devices. Today, universities and training centers offer degrees and certifications to students all over the world-virtually. How do we share and teach the same content, visuals and information in an in-classroom setting as we do through an e-learning platform without sacrificing quality of service?

The Innovation

SBI Technologies has developed ReAD (Responsive e-learning Across all Devices) which responds to tablets, smartphones and desktop computers by automatically displaying the appropriate layout on any and all screens. This technology is built into the site itself! Our dedicated staff of developers will work with you in order to exceed your expectations! Whether in Atlanta or Australia, SBI has the capacity to host a training infrastructure on the cloud where courses can be accessed from virtually anywhere in the world.

What is ReAD?

ReAD is an e-Learning courseware development framework, that incorporates responsive web design which is aimed to provide an optimal viewing experience across multiple devices (from desktop computer monitors to mobile devices). ReAD provides easy reading and navigation with and minimizes the need for resizing, panning, and scrolling. ReAD uses open source web technologies; HTML 5, Javascript, and CSS 3. These technologies makes it possible to bring complex interactive content to desktop computers as well as mobile devices.

The Solution

Whether your target audience is an analyst within the Intelligence Community, a military specialist looking to advance his/her academic career, or a university student on the go ReAD benefits all. This unique, innovative and cutting-edge technology will allow teaching and learning to take place anywhere in the world at any time without sacrificing time, delivery and content on any learning platform. SBI’s team of innovative thinkers and doers can and will customize this technology to fit your curriculum needs accordingly. Having the ability to teach an upcoming rising star within your particular field halfway across the world and being able to share exactly the same content, visuals and materials as an in-classroom session is what ReAD is all about. We live and breathe innovation – but our passion truly lies in providing you the solutions that come not only from the challenges your organization faces, but also from the “wish list” you desire in being that much better at providing instructional solutions to your target audience. This is where SBI can be your partner and instructional solutions provider of choice. Our experts on the instructional and technical side are ready to take a consultative approach to providing you solutions by innovation.